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- Robert Evans died on 21st July 2013 -
Rob was my Uncle and I had access to edit this site, but I do not have the knowledge to take over. However, we have hundreds of members on the Forum who have lots of satellite knowledge. So please go to the forum by clicking here: and become a member. You can ask people if you need help with a satellite problem/s, or if you are looking for any satellite information. I will leave this main site as it is in honour of Rob and his quirky sense of humour! Regards, Paul Evans -



Hi, Hello, and a warm Welcome to you from "Rob's Satellite TV"


"Rob's Satellite TV" is here to help and aid you the satellite viewer and satellite installer to navigate your way around the satellite television and radio maze, and it can be a maze too with all sorts of confusing, conflicting, and just plain downright incorrect information being given, these are some of the reasons why this website was initially set up and since this website was born "Rob's" has time and time again been proven to be the "World Leader" with all the big and exclusive satellite news, this has been especially true regarding the UK specific satellites because "Rob's Satellite TV" was and is the one and only consistently correct and consistently exclusive satellite news website regarding these UK specific satellites.


"Rob's Satellite TV" since it's inception has given many, many exclusives of satellite news and happenings, this website has given information about what is going to be happening before it has actually happened, this website has announced information before it has been officially announced, this website is the first website of choice for many other websites and forums but it has not always been this way because in the early days of this website many of those other websites and forums stupidly chose not to believe the 100% correct information that "Rob's" was giving and instead unwisely chose to personally insult me and my website, there was a general rubbishing of everything I and my website did and the information it was giving, mark my words, it was not a very pleasant experience, most of these horrible "trolls" have since found out that "Rob's" has always been and is continually correct for satellite information, most have found the error of their ways but there are still a few out there who still cannot admit that they were wrong, if you do see other website and forum postings saying something not nice about "Rob's Satellite TV" you can rest assured that the website or person who posts insulting words about "Rob's Satellite TV" is one of the dying breed of my internet "trolls" who still cannot accept that I was right and they were wrong and that fact alone means that that website or person is not worth reading or wasting anymore of your precious time on, and still they look at "Rob's"!


"Rob's Satellite TV" is the website of choice, all the information originally comes from "Rob's Satellite TV", some tell you, others do not tell you, it all comes from "Rob's Satellite TV"


I hope that your stay at "Rob's Satellite TV" is a pleasant experience, this website is the lighthearted, straight talking, no nonsense, exclusive and correct information giving website that is read all over Europe and further, this website is the trend in satellite circles so I must be doing something right, that is all the reference you need to be a regular reader of "Rob's Satellite TV", but please also be a part of this trending website and forum now by signing up as a member and joining the forum, you know it makes sense


"Rob's Satellite TV", telling it like it actually is before it actually is!


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